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The Checklist For That Perfect Local Lead Gen Site

When deciding on the layout of a new website that you have been planning, there are a plethora of options to choose from.

It is my belief that user experience should always come first, above and beyond the need to please Google so that you stand a chance of ranking well in their search engine.

Unfortunately, having a site that ranks well in Google whilst still easy to use and navigate for humans is often a difficult balance to get right.


Luckily, when it comes to local lead generation sites (and I have built a few of those in my time), they can be much simpler and do not require as much content to rank well in Google. See, Google wants to see a LOT of content in order to rank you well in their search engine.

twitter-attentionAnd often, a lot of content is what will often put users off checking out a website.

Consider this for yourself, if you land on a website about Golf as you are looking for a couple of tips before you hit the links and the website has 5,000 words of content – it’s just too much and too overwhelming.

These days, humans prefer short and concise bite-sized snippets of information that we can digest quickly and move on – just consider Twitter.

Which is why local lead generation sites are nice, the competition is less meaning we don’t need thousands of words of content to rank well in Google.

Therefore, we can concentrate more on the user experience and just offer the visitor what they want.

Here is a sample site called Locksmiths United that delivers the point pretty perfectly.



So as you can see, this is a nice and simple web design layout that converts very well I’m sure (I don’t own this site). And as I said above, we don’t need a ton of text as this niche market is not all that competitive and this site sits happily on page 1 of Google.

So here is my checklist for that perfect local lead generation web design:

1. Have a custom logo which you can get from Fiverr for five bucks.

2. Have a call to action phone number in the top right (people are used to seeing this now so will expect it)

3. Ensure you have a web form so you can capture email leads. I recommend Get Response for this.

4. Have some text that pushes the benefit of the local service.

5. Squeaze on some testimonials if you have them.

In short, not too much text and have the above 5 items will get you a nice looking website that converts in to leads very nicely for you or your client.